Raving About Us

Le Motion Wedding Films

“Hi guys Almost teared up at that one, it’s been a very long journey for Shell and I and It’s funny but this 3 minute video seem to polarise our life together as well as show case our property.
Your video captured what we are all about,easy going and a relaxed feel about us and the farm.”
-Greg & Shelley

Le Motion Wedding Films

Thank you Le Motion! This video is simply perfect, we have watched it over and over and over :)
Thank you for all your efforts both before, on and after our wedding day.
You are so talented at what you do and we are obsessed with our video!!”
-Vanessa & Daniel

Le Motion Wedding Films

“OMG, we absolutley love our wedding video and couldn’t be happier, I cry every time I watch it (I have watched it at least 4 time a day since it went live) it brings back all the beautiful memories of the day, the highlight video just like a perfect movie of memories. Phil and I are ever so grateful for the most awesome wedding video ever.”
-Keira and Phil

Featured Real Wedding

In the age of technology, where lines between the virtual and physical reality are blurred, it is nice to see old traditions resurfacing and gaining popularity in the modern world. [Read More…]

The story of Keira and Philip can be told in many ways. One about love at first sight…one about childhood sweethearts…one about learning to grow in love as they grew up together. What we can agree is that their story is a beautiful one and like all beautiful stories, it deserves to be celebrated in a beautiful venue. [Read More…]

Someone once said that a guy is worth keeping, when he’s willing to make a fool out of himself for you. That is perhaps the concept behind the silly games during Chinese gating ceremonies.

While our lovely bride starts getting ready with the help of Sophie Lau Make up & Hair, it’s time for our bridesmaids to start scheming away. What embarrassing task shall the groom and groomsmen endure to earn the right to pick up his lovely bride? [Read More…]

Featured Pre Wedding

The story of Justin and Ashley is an unlikely one. She, from Hong Kong and he, born and bred in Australia. In completely different universities and social circles, they managed to find each other. There’s always something innately attractive about a couple that has fun with each other because their smiles are contagious and their eyes are affectionate. [Read More…]

It was a hot summer’s day. Some would say too hot for a wedding, yet during the day of our “save the date” stop motion shoot there were two weddings present at the same park we were at. Coincidence? Or was it cupid’s way of telling us that this was a day to celebrate love. No matter how hot it was. [Read More…]

Jeff and celeste are one of those couples that make you want to fall in love with being in love. There’s nothing more that can be said about how sweet these two are together. You can feel it. Literally, love was in the air. [Read More…]