Raving About Us

Le Motion Wedding Films

“Dear Lei & Leon, many thanks for being our videographers to capture all the wonderful moments on our wedding day.
Thanks so much for your hard work and professionalism on the day. We love our video so much.
It’s amazing to see how everything comes together so smoothly. You are the Best!!”
-Cathy and Ricky

Le Motion Wedding Films

“I watched the wedding video about 15 times and enjoyed it so much. I love the way you timed the song and their rhythm in the video, it works so well! Watching the video makes me smile so much, by watching the video it reminded me of all the highlights of the wedding day! You guys did such a wonderful job!”
-Theresa and Chris

Le Motion Wedding Films

Thank you Le Motion! This video is simply perfect, we have watched it over and over and over :)
Thank you for all your efforts both before, on and after our wedding day.
You are so talented at what you do and we are obsessed with our video!!”
-Vanessa & Daniel

Featured Real Wedding

In the hustle and bustle of the big city, how are two people so lucky to come together to find each other? Among the millions of people, is there only one?

Out of all the busiest of places in this city, there is none other than the Sydney airport. People from all over the world come through everyday, yet there are two people standing still, because they have found each other. [Read More…]

Anna and Ken are one the most fun loving couples we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. They’re laid back and easygoing yet incredibly organised and that of course made our lives here at Le Motion just a bit easier. We are delighted to have been part of their special day. [Read More…]

Mary-Anne and Scott’s big day was a beautiful spring wedding at Oatlands house. It was a wonderful cool breezed day filled with sunshine and blossoming flowers to signify the beautiful start of their life together. When two people are in love, their life is a never-ending lovely spring day, even with the occasional grey clouds. Our Le Motion team was filled with inspiration from our groom’s vows, as he looked deep into Mary-Anne’s eyes and says, “it won’t always be easy, but our love is real.” [Read More…]

Featured Pre Wedding

Jeff and celeste are one of those couples that make you want to fall in love with being in love. There’s nothing more that can be said about how sweet these two are together. You can feel it. Literally, love was in the air. [Read More…]

The story of Justin and Ashley is an unlikely one. She, from Hong Kong and he, born and bred in Australia. In completely different universities and social circles, they managed to find each other. There’s always something innately attractive about a couple that has fun with each other because their smiles are contagious and their eyes are affectionate. [Read More…]

We had the utmost pleasure in making this prewedding love story film for Lauren and Suat. Out of all the schoolyard love stories, this is our favourite. It is a story about boy meets girl in the University of Sydney, where a research assistant and a PHD student falls in love. :) [Read More…]