Raving About Us

Le Motion Wedding Films

“I now know why you call yourselves Le Motion!
You captured all the emotion on the day …the laughter, happy tears and the love!
Thank you so much Lei & Leon for filming our special day!
Omg I can’t stop crying!!”

-Mary-Anne & Scott

Le Motion Wedding Films

“Dear Lei & Leon, many thanks for being our videographers to capture all the wonderful moments on our wedding day.
Thanks so much for your hard work and professionalism on the day. We love our video so much.
It’s amazing to see how everything comes together so smoothly. You are the Best!!”
-Cathy and Ricky

Le Motion Wedding Films

“Lei!! The video looks fantastic Your team did an amazing job on the day and doing the editing.
Thank you so much for putting this together.
Siufung and I will be glad to recommend Le Motion at every opportunity.”

-Ashley & Justin

Featured Real Wedding

Hello friends!! It’s been super busy lately….However as part of our goal to keep this blog active, even during the busiest times, here I am with a new post featuring our lovely couple Keira and Phillip’s wedding feature highlights, fast-forward three months this awesome couple we love tied the knot with the spectacular scenery of Loxley on Bellbird Hill as their backdrop. [Read More…]

Chris and Terry’s story began way back almost a decade ago, when a rather  hyper-active Terry in her pretty dress caught Chris’s eyes at their year eleven social, Chris had Terry stuck in his mind ever since, but nothing happened until one and a half years later they met again at a mutual friend’s place, this time Chris impressed Terry with his good look and personality. From then on, they shared a long and amazing love journey together, the highlights of which Terry wrote in her little cute journal, and sent to Chris on the morning of their wedding day. [Read More…]

Jacqueline and Ray were sure lucky and blessed that they found each other and fell in love. Sweet words may be uttered but the gestures and the moments stays in our mind and in our hearts. Be captivated as these two define, through this Le Motion’s most recent cinematic trailer, what love exactly is. Please enjoy! [Read More…]

Featured Pre Wedding

Cathy and Ricky are definitely one of the most talented couple we’ve ever had the pleasure met and working with among our pre-wedding love story projects . Ricky is a professional music teacher with his impressive guitar and drum skill-sets, while Cathy owns such beautiful voice for singing English, Cantonese and Mandarin songs. [Read More…]

The story of Justin and Ashley is an unlikely one. She, from Hong Kong and he, born and bred in Australia. In completely different universities and social circles, they managed to find each other. There’s always something innately attractive about a couple that has fun with each other because their smiles are contagious and their eyes are affectionate. [Read More…]

It was a hot summer’s day. Some would say too hot for a wedding, yet during the day of our “save the date” stop motion shoot there were two weddings present at the same park we were at. Coincidence? Or was it cupid’s way of telling us that this was a day to celebrate love. No matter how hot it was. [Read More…]