Raving About Us

Le Motion Wedding Films

“I watched the wedding video about 15 times and enjoyed it so much. I love the way you timed the song and their rhythm in the video, it works so well! Watching the video makes me smile so much, by watching the video it reminded me of all the highlights of the wedding day! You guys did such a wonderful job!”
-Theresa and Chris

Le Motion Wedding Films

“I now know why you call yourselves Le Motion!
You captured all the emotion on the day …the laughter, happy tears and the love!
Thank you so much Lei & Leon for filming our special day!
Omg I can’t stop crying!!”

-Mary-Anne & Scott

Le Motion Wedding Films

Thank you Le Motion! This video is simply perfect, we have watched it over and over and over :)
Thank you for all your efforts both before, on and after our wedding day.
You are so talented at what you do and we are obsessed with our video!!”
-Vanessa & Daniel

Featured Real Wedding

In the age of technology, where lines between the virtual and physical reality are blurred, it is nice to see old traditions resurfacing and gaining popularity in the modern world. [Read More…]

Love comes in many ways. Sometimes it comes knocking on your door, sometimes you have to put in a little effort to look for it but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

Dennis and Mandy met at a speed dating event, and as our celebrant Robyn puts it, they were “so speedy, they found each other before the clock started.” For him, it was love at first sight and for her, it was the start of her fairytale-like story. [Read More…]

Love has a funny way of working out. Sometimes it works out on its own, sometimes it needs a little push from cupid. For Kae and Joseph that cupid was Joseph’s aunt. Even before they realised it for themselves, she knew that the couple would be right for each other. Years later, after setting them up for the second time, she would be proven right as Kae and Jo stand hand in hand in a beautiful garden ceremony at the Royal Botanic Gardens. [Read More…]

Featured Pre Wedding

We had the utmost pleasure in making this prewedding love story film for Lauren and Suat. Out of all the schoolyard love stories, this is our favourite. It is a story about boy meets girl in the University of Sydney, where a research assistant and a PHD student falls in love. :) [Read More…]

Jeff and celeste are one of those couples that make you want to fall in love with being in love. There’s nothing more that can be said about how sweet these two are together. You can feel it. Literally, love was in the air. [Read More…]

Cathy and Ricky are definitely one of the most talented couple we’ve ever had the pleasure met and working with among our pre-wedding love story projects . Ricky is a professional music teacher with his impressive guitar and drum skill-sets, while Cathy owns such beautiful voice for singing English, Cantonese and Mandarin songs. [Read More…]